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Nature Explorers

To appreciate the beauty of nature, fill your eyes and heart with passion. Beanz Adventures offers a series of “Nature Explorer” tours that bring you to the most amazing places in the world. Here, you can enjoy the nature’s best healing gift, balancing your body and mind while enjoying the panorama.

From the northern lights in Iceland, to the sacred lakes in Tibet, and the West Sichuan Plateau, we hope you are in these unforgettable memories.

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Imagine yourself embracing the boundless sky of stars or auroras, falling asleep in a tent, or dreaming that you’ll finally overcome all the hardships to summit the peak of a mountain, and see the world differently…

Most of the time, besides the right timing, right place, right person, you also need a dare-to-do heart. Who said leaving an everlasting chapter of life is only for a professional adventurer? Who could determine what you can or what you cannot? Let’s go, the time is now to create a beautiful future. Regardless who you are, you can decide for your own “safe” adventure, and we will always be here for you!

Here’s why Beanz Adventures offers a series of “Rookie Adventures” tours. Whether you want to peak climbing, Aurora Borealis camping, cycling or cross-country self-driving, our professional team is always ready to make it happen for you.

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Eager to travel far, but worried about the tough journey? Fret not, Beanz Adventures offers routes that also include the sightseeing in the comfort of a bus. In the Beanz world, we call it the in-depth bus tour.

Our bus tour will take you around various small towns to learn about the local culture with your new travel companions. Our Tour Manager will capture precious photos for you throughout your journey, to turn this experience into an eternal memory.

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A) Looking for a tailor-made family trip?
B) A thrilling adventure with your besties?
C) A trip on your bucket list which you found it hard to plan?

Whether it’s an A, B, C or etc, Beanz Adventures is here to make it happen. Since 2014, we have been continuously receiving special requests from private groups; from understanding your need in the beginning, to customizing the itinerary for you and your family/friends, departing the journey together, and capturing each memorable moment for you.

To date, we have organized many parent-child trips, witnessing the joy of children playing in Gold Coast, Australia; accompanying families in the snowing Iceland, playing in the snow and soaking in hot springs. Seeing several old friends over 50 years old gather together, singing and dancing happily under the volcanoes, these moments that transcend the ages and borders further inspire us to do our best in each trip.

Let’s play together in your next trip!

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Beanz Adventures welcomes individuals, groups as well as team-building for corporate. Besides experienced Tour Managers and photographers, our team also consists of professional motivators whom we’ve been working closely with to create a meaningful trip for your employees, while improving their working spirit and efficiency.

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For more tour information, get in touch with us here.

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  • Just followed their Tour Name: 16days 13nights Iceland + Finland +Estonia Trip
    Trip Date: 25th March – 9th Apr 2019
    Tour Code: IFA201903 – 16D
    Excellent service and 100% satisfied.
    Unforgettable and best holiday trip in my life
    👍👍👍💯💯💯 Ah Gan via 阿甘長征傳 Abby Hooi
    planning to join their campaign trip next year again.

    Mr Koh Yew Fook
  • Totally hassle free! Just hope onto the carriage, off we go enjoying the
    unbelievably magnificent view during day time. Such a private tour service. We just stop when we feel like stop to take picture, Gan answering as many question as we have (at times too informative to digest). Due to small group, we have all the flexibility we wish and time is alway in our hands. Getting to each destination at our own leisure.

    Christina Thong, Malaysia (2018冰岛露露营团 29/8- 6/9/2018)
  • 很幸运能参与这次的6月9日至19日的阿甘夏日自由行团队!
    在入住半山腰的农家小木屋,云层从身边飘过,让凡夫俗子的我也沾上了不少仙气。夏天的冰岛,除了触目皆是醉人的紫色鲁冰花,还可以体验几乎全日昼的自然景象。还有每日都用心的家常菜让我没有一丝想念远方家乡菜。阿甘,Abby,谢谢你们!!!夏天没有极光看,我还是要对你们再说一次 “不虚此行”😝😛”

    Mdm Tan Guat Ha (2019夏天日不落團 10-18/6/2019)
  • 我参加阿甘的冰岛游对于他们的工作效率👍 👍 👍 👍无微不⾄的照顾与关怀是我参加旅游最难忘的回忆希望不久他开的新围我们俩夫妇与好友一定参加阿⽢👍👍👍👍 加油阿甘💪 💪 💪 💪再创给我们留下⼈⽣史上的回忆

    Irene Teo, Singapore (2018冰岛极光团 23/9-1/10/2018)
  • Being the lucky bunch to join the “experimental trip” and it went way beyond my expectation. Mum did enjoy the trip! Till today, mum is still telling her friends about the trip and her experience. The experience is just beyond words can describe. All I would say, it is a real lifetime experience. It would be one of the lifetime worth experience to share with people around me. Thanks Gan for your most ever brief itinerary on earth which is good enough to catch my immediate attention!

    Christina Thong, Malaysia (2018冰岛露露营团 29/8- 6/9/2018)
  • 第一次露露营就挑战冰岛

    Tan Siew Yee, Malaysia (2018冰岛露露营团 29/8- 6/9/2018)
  • Accommodation
    Imagine yourself sleeping under million stars blanket every night. Every day we help each other to set up and takes down tents. Everyone is clumsy on first two days, day by days, practice makes perfect! We are all experts by the last few days of the trip. Donʼt expect five star amenities at each camp site; but the necessities are readily there. Toilets and showers are clean. There might be queue to shower, so we will have to plan our timing if decide to shower. Donʼt worry about being freezing cold in the tent at night. The supplies are more than enough to keep us warm throughout the night. If you still worry, bring some heat-pack. Getting heat pack in Iceland is freaking expensive!!!

    Christina Thong, Malaysia (2018冰岛露露营团 29/8- 6/9/2018)
  • 在冰岛露营,是⼀个终身难忘的体验。原本有点担⼼是否能挨过在寒冷的夜晚露营,结果因为露营的配备很⻬全,团友们很合作,我们在冰岛真的玩得很开⼼。能在遥远的国度,吃着我们熟悉的南洋⻛味的晚餐,在夜深时,从帐篷⾥就能探头看着满天的星星,最幸运就是看到我们最想看到的极光。真的要谢谢阿⽢让我的冰岛之⾏过得很精彩。

    Ong Siew Lek, Singapore (2018冰岛露露营团 29/8- 6/9/2018)
  • Which trip or tour provides you free photography at NO CHARGE?? Answer: BEANZ ADVENTURES! They just know which are the best spot for photograph. They are just so good in capturing your right moment. The tour guide is our driver, cook, photographer, information center, weather forecast, aurora forecast and everything and anything you might have in mind.

    Christina Thong, Malaysia (2018冰岛露露营团 29/8- 6/9/2018)